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VCT Sites in Amhara

Amhara National Regional State
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 Health Facility   Zone   Woreda   Center Type   Contact Address 
 Abay Mado      Future PITC  Currently Unavailable
 Abay Mado Health Center  Bahir Dar Special Zone    VCT  058-220-4939
 Abreha Jira Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Addis Kidamin Health Center  Awi Zone    VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Africa Service Clinic Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Ajibar Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Ambo Meda Health Center      Future VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Amdework Health Center      PITC  Currently Unavailable
 Assa      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Bahir Dar Health Center      VCT  058-220-0043/4940/3420/0237
 Bahir Dar Hospital      PITC  Currently Unavailable
 Bati General Hospital Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Berhan Tesfa Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Bete Health Center      PITC  Currently Unavailable
 Bistima Health Center      VCT  033-321-0113
 Boru Meda Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Boru Meda Hospital      PITC  Currently Unavailable
 Buwanbuwa Wuha Health Center      VCT  Currently Unavailable
 Debre markos Health Center      PITC  058-771-1002/1023
 Debre Tabor Hospital      PITC  Currently Unavailable
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