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Category: Tuberculosis
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Tuberculosis Files: 20
This report assesses the progress made towards the 2015 MDG targets and puts forth the top priority actions needed to achieve and/or move beyond the targets, nearly 20 years after the WHO declared TB a global public health emergency.
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Tuberculosis Prevalence Survey  (0 B)   Hits: 1030

Treatment Supporters Follow up Card  (155.57 KB)   Hits: 308

Laboratory TB Culture Registration  (293.39 KB)   Hits: 279

TB Culture and Identification Worksheet  (332.33 KB)   Hits: 263

MDR TB Enrollment  (412.71 KB)   Hits: 319

MDR TB Case Finding  (408.23 KB)   Hits: 338

MDR TB Final Treatment Outcome  (352.53 KB)   Hits: 316

Training material on Programmatic management of Drug resistant Tuberculosis in Ethiopia for GHWs Participants’ Manual  (1.4 MB)   Hits: 641

Training material on Programmatic management of Drug resistant Tuberculosis in Ethiopia for GHWs Facilitators’ Guide  (1.36 MB)   Hits: 608

MDR TB Monthly Reporting Format  (344.33 KB)   Hits: 305

MDR TB Treatment Card  (239.08 KB)   Hits: 259

MDR TB Suspect Register  (322.3 KB)   Hits: 267

MDR TB Six Month Interim Result  (372.53 KB)   Hits: 268

MDR TB Treatment Register  (316.49 KB)   Hits: 260

MDR TB Register  (729.99 KB)   Hits: 261

MDR TB Follow up Register  (122.24 KB)   Hits: 280

TB Culture & Drug Susceptibility Testing Request Form  (71.21 KB)   Hits: 271

National PMDT training in Ethiopia 2012  (475.04 KB)   Hits: 396

tb_laboratory_system_strengthening_final  (5.85 MB)   Hits: 416

tb_hiv_implementation_guidline_in_ethiopia  (775.77 KB)   Hits: 713

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