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Category: NDFE MARCH Project
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The Black Tigers comic book series is an initiative to encourage behavior change among the armed forces in Ethiopia to prevent the transmission of HIV. The four main characters are:

Captain Damtew Ashenafi is a heroic leader who is respected by both his superiors and the men he commands. He is a good husband and father of two, but his past comes back to haunt him when he learns that a woman he had an affair with has died of AIDS. With the support of his wife, Aster, he bravely faces the HIV illness.

Corporal Fikru Ayele is charming and handsome and happily married to his beautiful wife, Meskerem, with whom he has one child. Although he loves his wife, he sometimes has sexual encounters with other women while he is away from home with the battalion. Eventually, he will be forced to overcome temptation and be faithful in order to save his marriage.

Sergeant Teshome Worku and his wife Tirunesh. The sergeant is an arrogant and cynical womanizer. He sees winning over women as a challenging and exciting game that he must win in order to collect them as trophies. His has two children and another one on the way with his loving wife Tirunesh, who pays for her husband’s sins by caring for her sick husband and attempting to prevent her unborn child from being infected with HIV.

Private Jemal Hussein is an innocent new recruit who is a dedicated young man with a vision. He joined the military hoping to help his family and provide a good life for his fiancé, Bedria. Unfortunately, he will need to battle peer pressure and other challenges to survive not only on the battlefield, but in protecting himself against HIV.

The Black Tigers is a 26-issue comic book series that uses drama, humor, and tragedy to highlight the challenges of HIV and AIDS facing Ethiopian servicemen.

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The Black Tigers - Special Edition  (3.49 MB)   Hits: 3874

The Black Tigers - Episode 26  (6.53 MB)   Hits: 682

The Black Tigers - Episode 25  (12.18 MB)   Hits: 1162

The Black Tigers - Episode 24  (4.79 MB)   Hits: 605

The Black Tigers - Episode 23  (11.37 MB)   Hits: 554

The Black Tigers - Episode 22  (11.66 MB)   Hits: 565

The Black Tigers - Episode 21  (10.89 MB)   Hits: 537

The Black Tigers - Episode 20  (10.65 MB)   Hits: 697

The Black Tigers - Episode 19  (4.58 MB)   Hits: 581

The Black Tigers - Episode 18  (4.32 MB)   Hits: 641

The Black Tigers - Episode 17  (10.45 MB)   Hits: 581

The Black Tigers - Episode 16  (10.87 MB)   Hits: 594

The Black Tigers - Episode 15  (10.87 MB)   Hits: 598

The Black Tigers - Episode 14  (10.94 MB)   Hits: 592

The Black Tigers - Episode 13  (11.17 MB)   Hits: 796

The Black Tigers - Episode 12  (11.01 MB)   Hits: 877

The Black Tigers - Episode 11  (11.67 MB)   Hits: 1780

The Black Tigers - Episode 10  (6.58 MB)   Hits: 649

The Black Tigers - Episode 09  (6.41 MB)   Hits: 687

The Black Tigers - Episode 08  (6.17 MB)   Hits: 856

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