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Dagu Youth Media

Dagu Youth Media Program was launched in December 2008 to explore themes of relationships, sexuality, communication, HIV/AIDS, RH, gender, lifestyle and other related health behaviors affecting youth. Dagu Addis  runs school-based radio programs to broadcast important health messages to students and encourage them to make positive health choices. School-based programs have been shown to create supportive environments for individual and collective change that extend to peer networks and the greater community. Dagu also broadcasts  a tailored radio program on city wide FM stations to reach out to out-of-school youth and parents/adults.

Dagu Addis uses personal narratives, vox pops, entertaining games and other audio media formats to highlight and discuss issues young people deal with as it relates to their sexual feelings and HIV risk. Through role modeling, stories prompt young people to make wise decisions that are right for them by resisting peer pressure. The programs address environmental factors that increase one’s risk of HIV infection such as drinking alcohol, chewing chat and watching pornographic films; while promoting safer behaviors such as abstinence, mutual fidelity, partner reduction, and condom use.

Dagu also runs mini-media training in schools to develop students’ capacity to advocate for HIV prevention powerfully by expressing their perspectives through school-media, which positively influences their peers. Activities include introductory and advanced journalism training for school mini-media club members. In these trainings, young people develop basic journalism and broadcast skills, including news and commentary writing, on-air announcing and music programming. The training also strengthens verbal expression, writing, computer technology, critical thinking, and conflict resolution skills among mini-media members.

Program Audience

The primary target audience of this program is 15-20 year old youth attending high school in Addis Ababa while secondary target audiences are out of school youth and parents/adults.


Dagu Youth Media Program’s overall goal is to educate youth on preventative measures against the spread of HIV infection and to encourage them to take protective action.  Specifically, Dagu aims to increase the self-efficacy of students in preventing HIV infection and delay sexual debut among students. This project contributes to ongoing efforts across Ethiopia by seeking to change young people’s attitudes and beliefs about HIV/AIDS, modifying their risk perception and helping them adopt and maintain healthy behaviors.

Dagu Addis Audio Variety Show
is an entertaining, educational and discussion-provoking audio program broadcast twice a week via school-based media and commercial radio (Sheger FM 102.1). To date, Addis Dagu has broadcast 75 episodes in 15 schools.  Other activities include: -

  • Listenership discussion groups held with with students and out-of-school youth in partnership with NGOs and government organizations, which create a platform for in-depth discussion on sexuality, life skills and other HIV/ADS-related issues addressed in the Dagu Addis Variety Show.
  • Capacity Building for students to produce compelling HIV messaging using audio media
  • School Counsellors Training to help young students get proper guidance on HIV prevention

Listeners’ Feedback

“Peer pressure is so dangerous we always have to be strong … I was a victim and suffered a lot and it is nice of you Dagu to talk about it.” -- Listener

“I called because I liked the discussion. This and other open discussions are very good and important for the society.

I love the part that you are teaching the society. Thank you.”

-- Listener“I love the program. I wish all the parents in Ethiopia could listen to it” – Listener

“Yes your program suits youngsters. We love it. We are listening in a group.” – Listener

We are listening in group and we think it is a good start. Keep up with the good work.” -- Listener

“I am happy with your program. Never stop talking about STDs, pregnancy and sexual relationships. It will be good if you have a specialist in these areas on the program.” -- Listener

Materials and Resources
  • 13 DAGU audio programs and selected translations
  • DAGU Youth Media Program informational brochure
  • DAGU promotional posters
  • List of DAGU schools
Future Plans
  • Expand the broadcast of DAGU Youth Media program to additional schools.
  • Work with other partners to reach more youth in Ethiopia.


The DAGU Youth Media Program is managed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs/AIDS Resource Center (CCP/ARC) and funded by the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) through the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is implemented in collaboration with the Addis Ababa Education Bureau, Ministry of Civil and social Affairs, Addis Ababa sub-cities, 15 Addis Ababa high schools, radio stations, and NGOs engaged in abstinence, faithfulness and youth programming and those that work with school mini media. Selected high schools are briefed on the project and invited to participate.

Sintayehu Regassa
AIDS Resource Center
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dagu_promo_bottom Dagu Addis, an entertaining radio program that portrays the challenges young people face in practicing healthy behaviors.
You can tune into Sheger FM 102.1 on Saturdays at 8:30 PM and Tuesdays at 7:30 PM(Repeat). You can also download and or listen to recent episodes from our website.
Fitun Warmline Fitun Warmline is a toll-free telephone information service devoted to answering questions from health care professionals about HIV/AIDS care and treatment.


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