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Debub Radio Broadcasts - Sep07-13

Sinafikish Lemma's latest episode

Amhara Mass Media Agency Broadcasts - Sept28-13

Fasika Tessema's latest episode


How long should someone wait before they tell their new partner that they are HIV+


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Every Child's Hero PDF Print E-mail

Most kids have heroes, someone they look up to. Whom did you look up to when you were growing up? I for myself have to confess that I had it all wrong, at least until recently.

Recently, I came to know Mama Zewditu, a remarkable old woman who lives in Edaga Hamus, a small town 20 kilometers south of Adi Grat, Tigray.

What was I doing in Edaga Hamus? As usual, I was looking for an interesting story, a story about teenagers and HIV testing. Luckily, I found one.  Lemlem was a first-ranking 10th grader, who tested HIV negative. I was interested to know why and how Lemlem decided to get tested. The more I kept asking questions, the more I got interested in what Lemlem had to tell me. That was how I got introduced to Mama Zewditu, Lemlem’s grandmother.

Upon my request, Lemlem took me to the house where this woman lived.  Some minutes’ walk later, we arrived at a moderate size house, built a couple of blocks away from the high way. I was expecting a very old woman, with gray hair, probably leaning on a cane. We were welcomed by two women, a younger woman called Guey and an older woman who was mama Zewditu.



Our New Welcomed Guests on Betengna PDF Print E-mail

A New Diarist on Me’emunaye

Akberet, now 28, was born in Adwa in such a difficult time that forced her parents to move to different towns. Consequently, she had to spend her childhood living among close and distant relatives. Since then, she has had bad times and gone through sad times. Akberet is our current diarist willing to share her stories with you.


Our Diarist on Aantee

Obse was born in an agrarian household in the Northern Shoa Zone of Oromia. The fourth child in a family of five girls and one boy, she lost her mother when she was 9 years old. Growing up, Obse was mistreated by her stepmother and did not get along with her brother which left a big scar on her and her life.


On Sheger FM 102.1

Our new diarist Solomon Kebebde, born in the month of Miazia, 1968 E.C., was raised in Addis Ababa around Shiro meda. As the first born, he shoulders the responsibility of supporting his mother who makes a living by selling tella. Solomon has become our Betengna to tell us his amazing stories.


On Amhara Mass Media Agency

Fasika Tessema, born out of wedlock, grew up in a place where commercial sex work was rampant. Although Fasika has three sisters and a brother on her father's side, she's an only child for her mother. She grew up with her mother until her mother got so sick that she could not care for her anymore, passing on this responsibility to Fasika's father. Fasika is easy on the eyes with her big brown eyes, long hair and pleasant demeanor. She has become our welcomed guest on Amhara Mass Media Agency with her astounding stories. Listen In!

A Day In Getting to Know Akberet Araya PDF Print E-mail
Written by Awet Gebregziabher   

A humming sound. So frightening. It was just the kind of sound you often hear in horror movies, I thought. Surely, it was coming from the huge mountain I was about to climb up. But what could it be? I looked up at the mountain, it stared back at me. My heart started pounding in my chest that I almost tasted blood in my mouth.


Presumably, many of you have heard about the old historical town Adwa. I love Adwa. Not just for its historical attachment it has to Ethiopians, but simply because Adwa is my home town. But I wasn’t there to visit old folks nor did I have the time to refresh my childhood memories. I went to Adwa only for one reason: to meet Me’emuney’s upcoming diarist, Akberet Araya.

When I first met her, I instantly liked her. We were sitting at a small coffee house. She had tea; I enjoyed both the black coffee and her conversation with me. Akberet is a slender young woman, 28, and very down-to-earth. She has a smiley and comforting face. Together with her kind personality one would assume that Akberet had an easy life. But a closer look would tell you otherwise. She had suffered from all the ups and downs in her life. I was, later, to understand that this was what made her the way she is now; positive, frank, and always trying to make people happy.

A New Diarist on Sheger FM 102.1 PDF Print E-mail

Our new diarist, Ato Getachew Habtewold, a 70 year old senior citizen with disability, is a man who has made significant contributions towards disability and prosthetics making. Ato Getachew was born in Semen Showa and has lived in different parts of the world in his lifetime. On his radio diary, he tells us about the risky sexual conquests he has had as a young man and his regrets. Listen in!

Fozia’s Diary Debuts on Betengna: Listen In! PDF Print E-mail

Our new diarist Fozia Mohammed was born in Assab. She was then forced to leave her hometown and migrate to Kombolcha with her family during the civil war. As she reached 9th grade, Fozia meets a man who starts to correspond with her through letters. After some time, persuaded by her friends, she decides to run away with her friends to Assaita where he lives. Listen in, to find out Fozia’s story on Bahir Dar FM 96.9 and on Amhara Mass Media Agency.

Bayunesh Kassa: New Diarist on Debub FM PDF Print E-mail

Bayunesh Kassa, who grew up with her grandparents and a mother of three, is our new diarist on Debub FM 100.9. At a very young age, she takes on the responsibility of tending to young children at home and in her neighborhood. Although she asks her grandparents to send her to school, she is told it is for those who want to sit with boys under trees. Instead, they  want her to marry a respectable man and keep house. After getting married, however, her husband abuses her to the extent of blinding her one eye. Tune in to listen to her story on Debub FM 100.9.

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